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To download a tank drawing, click on the file type of your choice in the list below.

1,000 L (CT225) PDF
1,600 L (CT375) PDF
2,000 L (CT440) PDF
2,600 L (CT575) PDF
3,000 L (CT660) PDF
4,500 L (CT1000SQ) PDF
5,000 L (CT1100SQ) PDF
5,000 L (CT1100) PDF
9,000 L (CT2000) PDF
9,400 L (CT2100SQ) PDF
10,000 L (CT2200) PDF
13,600 L (CT3000) PDF
15,900 L (CT3500) PDF
22,700 L (CT5000) PDF
23,000 L (CT5000DNR) PDF
23,380 L (CT5150) PDF
23,600 L (CT5200SQ) PDF
31,800 L (CT7000) PDF
36,350 L (CT8000) PDF
46,800 L (CT10000) PDF

Clark Industrial staff with customer


At Clark Industrial Tanks, we pride ourselves on the depth of our expertise and the strength of our customer service. We work with you to determine how to best fit out the tanks to suit your operation. If the tank you need is not in our current range, talk to us about your special application requirements. We may be able to provide a cost-effective solution that has the particular features you need.

Picture of tank fittings and plumbing