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Clark Industrial is a leading provider of liquid fertiliser storage. Suitable for either industrial or on-farm storage, our extensive range of fertiliser storage tanks has the capability to hold liquid fertilisers with a specific gravity of SG 1.5 or SG 2. At Clark Industrial, we take pride in the reputation we have established in this field and plan to maintain it by continuing to provide an outstanding product and excellent customer service. Over the years, we have built close relationships with some of Australia’s largest suppliers of fertilisers. As a result, Clark Industrial has been able to work with these companies to custom-engineer their fertiliser storage tanks for optimum performance.

Incitec Pivot

Photo of Easy'n tank

“Incitec Pivot is the leading supplier of liquid fertilisers in eastern Australia. Our Easy Liquid Fertiliser range offers growers many advantages over their traditional practices. Easy Liquid Fertilisers are very easy to use, flexible in application and well suited to precision agriculture and fertigation. It is critical that the liquid fertiliser tanks we recommend are “fit for purpose” and delivered on time. Clark Industrial has worked with us over the years to develop a custom-designed Easy N Tank that is ideally suited to the needs of our customers and our tanker drivers. Rigorous quality control, efficient customer service and speed of delivery are key features that we value from our partner in Clark Industrial Tanks.”

Roy Hildebrand
Liquid Product Manager
Incitec Pivot